Gergovie Wines
Philippe Jambon
Chasselas – Beaujolais

Limestone, clay & granite

Tranche La Retour - 2011
Baltailles - 2011
Bruyere sur roche Noire - 2011
Les Ganivets - 2006

Philippe and Catherine Jambon started their domaine in Chasselas in the northern Beaujolais in 1997. Over the years they have acquired 3.5 hectares of micro parcels scattered around the area. From the beginning their drive has been the same: to tend their vineyards with care and without chemicals – "logically" as Philippe puts it – and to make wines without any additions, giving them the time in barrel that they need. The results are hard to come by and totally jaw dropping.

Philippe's vineyards were hit by devastating hailstorms in two consecutive years. He lost the majority of his harvest. As a result he started a small 'negociant' enterprise working with other vignerons in Beaujolais to make certain cuvees in a Jambon style.