Gergovie Wines
Gilles Azzoni
Valee d'Ibie – Ardeche

Limestone & clay

Nedjma - 2013
"R" - 2012
Homage a Robert - 2013
Bran - 2013
"S" - 2013

We can't really put it better than this: "the real reason may be that I simply enjoy so much Gilles Azzoni's wines, they're liquid food that I really can afford (there are so many wines that are out of reach for regular consumption), these SO2-free wines are probably of the type that have cheered the heart of humans and Dionysus since the antiquity, when wine was judged more for its gentle intoxicating properties than for fitting a rigid framework of codified and controlled aromatics. Open a bottle and there is a good chance you'll finish it right away, even by yourself." –