Gergovie Wines
Gergovie Wines
Les Capriades
Faverolles - Loire
Soil: Flint and clay on a limestone base

For a long time Pascal Potaire made wine for other growers (Nicolas Renard, Noella Morentin, etc...). After a while he decided to start out on his own and founded Les Capriades, at first alone and then eventually joined by his friend Moses Gadouche.

Pascal and Moses are based in Faverolles on the southern bank of the Cher river. Here they make what we consider as the best and most refreshing Pet Nats in the Loire Valley (and beyond). Petillants Naturels (Method Ancestral) are made without dosage and in this case no SO2. The juice is simply bottled before the fermentation is finished so the CO2 from the end of the process is trapped in the bottle. Though this is the simplest and oldest way of making sparkling wine it can be tricky and often results with either too much residual sugar or not enough fizz. These guys always get it right!

Pascal and Moses mostly work as negociants, buying grapes from young organic growers based locally who can't afford to make and sell their wines yet. They make a couple of wines using their own old vines too. Their cellar is dug into the Tuffeau where every single bottle waits lying sur latte until Pascal decides it's ready for disgorgement.